Cleaner left with memory loss after ‘vicious’ attack by ‘notorious’ benefits mum

A woman has been left suffering from long term memory loss and concussion after being beaten by a benefits mum who’d previously gone on a kebab shop rampage.

Carrie Rapson, 41, still hasn’t recovered six months on from being set upon by Anne Marie Fowler in a “bizarre” and vicious attack.

Fowler, who was jailed for 22 months this week for assault after slamming Carrie’s head against a fence post and leaving her with permanent health problems, had been on a curfew when the attack took place.

She flew at mum-of-two Carrie, after claiming one of her daughters had been laughing at her, grabbed her by the head, and repeatedly punched her.

Carrie was so badly affected by the attack, she now has cameras around the inside and outside of her home and a security bell, reports the Daily Record.

“I’m not the same person I used to be, and I still think about it every day,” she said.

Fowler struck at 10pm on Christmas Day at Lochleven Terrace, after she was spotted in the street arguing with two men by one of Carrie’s daughters, Daisy.

“Christmas Day had been really good and I went to bed at about 9pm because I was shattered,” Carrie said.

“We knew the lockdown was restarting on Boxing Day and my daughter Daisy had presents to exchange with a friend a few doors up so I said she could go out and do that.

“As she was heading back with two friends, she could see Anne Marie Fowler arguing with two men, who were fighting. They crossed the road but Anne Marie started chasing them.”

Fowler, a 33-year-old mother from Kelty, Fife, claimed Daisy, 13, had laughed at her in the street.

“She followed them into the house and Daisy hid in my bedroom,” Carrie said. “She came right into my house kicking doors.

“She came into my bedroom. It happened really fast and my husband ragdolled her outside.

“When she was out in the drive, she started kicking and punching my husband’s car, screaming.”

Still drowsy after being woken from her sleep, Carrie then went outside to see what all the noise was about when Fowler suddenly grabbed hold of her by the hair, dragged her along the ground, repeatedly punched her on the head and struck her head against a fence post.

“I wandered out in my pyjamas and bare feet to see what was happening and she grabbed me,” she recalled. “She grabbed my head and smashed it off the fence post and wouldn’t let go.

“It’s wooden and metal and I don’t know what broke my nose. My daughter watched everything, all the children in the street saw – it was still early.

“People were trying to get her off me. I lost lots of hair.”

Carrie was unconscious for around an hour after the attack and an ambulance was called.

“My other daughter had to keep me upright to stop me choking on the blood as I was dipping in and out of consciousness,” she said.

She was rushed to hospital, where experts were concerned that she might have bleeding on her brain.

“I remember being in an ambulance but that I couldn’t give my name or date of birth,” she explained. “I woke up in hospital where I was given morphine and the next place I woke up was in the CT room.”

The attack wasn’t the first time Fowler had lashed out. In July 2020 she appeared in a viral video after going on a drunken wrecking spree at a kebab shop in Falkirk and causing £4,000 of damage.

Fowler flashed her breasts, falsely claimed she’d been raped, assaulted a worker and hurled racist abuse during the incident.

That time she was spared jail and ordered to pay £400 compensation to the owner of the kebab shop Zohaib Arshad, at Falkirk Sheriff Court.

But after she admitted assaulting Carrie, Sheriff Jamie Gilchrist at Kirkcaldy Sherrif Court felt a prison sentence was the only appropriate punishment.

The sheriff said: “This was an utterly disgraceful set of circumstances.

“You chased two children into a home. When parents intervened, you assaulted one, rendering her unconscious.

“It is utterly unrealistic to consider anything other than custody.”

Fowler appeared in court by video link on Monday, where she was jailed for 22 months and banned from approaching her victim for three years.

Meanwhile, Carrie has been left with severe injuries that she is still learning to live with almost six months on from the attack.

She is still concussed and needs regular medical checks. Her memory loss has already led to her flooding her bathroom and forgetting she has been cooking.

Carrie did run her own cleaning business but was unable to return to work until February after the incident.

She said neither she nor her daughter Daisy have been the same people since the festive nightmare.

“I couldn’t walk in a straight line,” she said.

“I had nose bleeds and the right-hand side of my head is still sore. I couldn’t sleep so I needed tablets for that but I’m coming off them.”

Carrie said she had recognised Fowler from her “notorious” kebab shop attack video when first moved into the area.

“She must have been absolutely hammered,” she added.

“If it wasn’t me, it could have been a child. She was gunning for anyone and I was the unlucky one. It could have been a child.”

After sentencing, she said: “I’m so happy, which sounds bizarre. She should have got longer but I’m happy. Fife Council were fantastic.

“They changed the locks on her flat on December 27 and promised she won’t be getting housed in Kelty again.”