Mum shares cringe ‘bad mummy moment’ as her son, 4, is given very rude stickers

A pregnant mum has gone viral after sharing a “bad mummy moment” which saw her son grabbing some rather explicit stickers.

Trish Taylor, from Birmingham, took to Facebook to share the moment and is stunned to have seen it get more than 10,000 likes.

Mum-of-three Trish hilariously explained how she had just gotten a hair removal cream and was unwrapping it when some stickers fell out, Birmingham Live reports.

Her son, four, asked if he could have them and as she was distracted by the contents of the packaging, she distractedly said ‘yes’.

Trish didn’t give it anymore thought until they were about to leave the house and she spotted her son proudly wearing a ‘F*** gender roles!” sticker on his chest.

Shocked, she asked him if she could see the others.

That’s when she realised the tongue-in-cheek stickers actually said things like ‘meditate and masturbate’, ‘pussy power’, ‘girls come first’ and ‘slay in your lane’.

She quickly replaced her son’s stickers with age-appropriate ones then, thinking the whole situation was quite funny, posted it on the Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas Facebook group – never expecting it would get the reaction it did.

More than 10,000 people, mostly mums, reacted with thumbs up and laughing emojis and she received over 600 comments.

The post reads: “Bad mummy moment: So I’m pregnant and I’m struggling to see downstairs (when I say downstairs I mean my lady garden LOL) so I ordered some woo woo hair removal. So it’s arrived today!”

Her post continued: “Four year old in tow, I open the box and there it is!! I’m reading the package paying no attention to the child and he said mummy some stickers can I have them, me still not paying any attention I say of course you can.

“About to go out and noticed he has a sticker on so have a look at the one he is wearing and asked to see the others! Needless to say he won’t have access to these ones anymore!

“I have replaced them with age appropriate ones but he was disappointed as he thinks his brother would like one when he gets in from school!”

Some of the reactions on Facebook were brilliant, with most people praising Trish’s son for choosing the right sticker from the pack!

One said: “Your son has chosen the most coolest and appropriate sticker for himself” and another added: “To be fair he chose the
sticker with the best point.”

One mum said: “Oh my gosh this is brilliant! I’d be so proud of him wearing that!” and another agreed: “That sticker is entirely appropriate! Let his brother wear it to school.”

Another added: “Absolutely crying. The stickers are brilliant but this is so funny.”

And people thanked Trish for sharing her ‘bad mummy moment’ on social media, saying: “Your bad Mommy moment is our entertainment” and “Ha ha this is hilarious at least you noticed before you went out. I probably wouldn’t have!”

Trish told BirminghamLive and Brummie Mummies: “My friends and I thought it was funny so thought I would share it.

“I didn’t expect as many to find it as funny as I did. It’s over 10k likes now.

“The brand I was talking about have been in contact saying thank you and have been really lovely, sending some gifts to Ben for the free publicity for them.”